I Guide Female Leaders & High Achievers To Balance Ambition & Career Drive With a Pleasant Life Rhythm in 8 Simple Steps

For two decades, I navigated the complex world of high-end executive roles in the legal field. My personal journey, with so many voluntary shifts but also a unexpected wake up call, led to the creation of powerful programs and courses that I'm excited to share with you.
Are you ready for a shift in your life? I will give you a proven roadmap designed to take you to the next level in your life.


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From Burnout to Brilliance

Jag vill ge dig mina 6 insikter om hur du hittar balans mellan karriärdriv, ambition & en behaglig livsrytm

Är du kvinna mitt i karriär och familjeliv som länge lyckats jonglerat såväl ditt privata som ditt professionella liv, men som nu börjat längta efter mer balans, energi och välbefinnande?
Nu är den tillbaka – Masterclassen för dig som vill ha ut mer av livet och hitta en hållbar livsstil!

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I´m Josefin 



I've been fortunate to work in the – more than ever – important landscape of democracy. I started as a journalist after leaving my first work path as a hairdresser and after some years I left the newspaper for a law degree. The journey transitioned to several legal and managerial role in the public sector, spanning municipalities, courts and government agencies. For so many years it enriched my purpose - fostering democracy on the local stage.

But today I realize that with that formal and high performance environment did cost. After my wake up call in 2021 I decided to leave my dream job, and move on to place where my ambition and career drive is aligned with wellbeing, presence and a pleasant rhythm of life instead of hurry and pressure.

Life has an intriguing way of guiding us through uncharted paths, and as I reflect on my journey, the meaning becomes clear. This realization has given birth to a new chapter – today I run Coachbyrån, where I help other ambitious women to create a fulfilling life far from stress and hustle.

As an ICF-certified coach I use all my experiences in communication, law and leadership and my passion for people’s skills and growth. I would love to share all the simple, inspiring and deeply insightful steps I have taken with you you!


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Det är dina gamla tankar som har tagit dig dit du är idag. Vill du skapa plats för nya perspektiv? I mitt nyhetsbrev delar jag inspirerande tips och verktyg för en hållbar livsstil!.

We will not share your details with anyone